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An Evolutionary Approach to Software Components in Embedded Real-Time Systems

Defense   2006-12-18, 13.00
The opponent:   Dr. Michel Chaudron
The examining committee:   Prof. Claes Wohlin, Prof. Karl-Erik Årzen, Dr. Bente Cecilie Dahlum Anda
The Advisor:   Prof. Ivica Crnkovic
Assistant Advisor:   Prof. Björn Lisper
Thesis Version Comment
Version 1.3 2006-11-21 The complete version
Version 1.2 2006-11-10 Chapter 2 completed
Version 1.1 2006-11-08  Almost completed - Chapter 2 some parts missing, conclusion missing
First version 2006-09-25 The thesis  outline and the papers


Last update: 2006-12-21

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