Gaetana Sapienza

Licentiate Thesis: Multiple Property-based Partitioning for Embedded Applications

 Main advisor: Prof. Ivica Crnkovic
 Co-advisors:   Prof. Tiberiu Seceleanu, Dr. Antonio Cicchetti
Examiner and committee:  
Prof. Mehmet Aksit, University of Twente,
Prof. Raffaela Mirandola, Politecnico di Milano
Prof. Mikael Sjödin, MDH
Defence:   Mälardalen Univeristy, Västerås, Sweden, room Gamma
June 10, 2014, 13:15

Documentation Comment
The Lic Thesis Final Version May 19, 2014 -small updates from the May-11 version, in particular Chapter 9
The Licentiate proposal
Guidelines and Rules for the defence





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