Johan Fredriksson

PhD Thesis

Improving Predictability and Resource Utilization in Embedded Component-Based Real-Time Systems
- A Context Aware Approach         

 Main advisor: Prof. Ivica Crnkovic
 Co-advisors:   Dr. Kristian Sandström,  Dr. Thomas Nolte,  Prof. Mikael Nolin
 The opponent:   Dr. Stefan M. Petters (NICTA, Australia)
 Grading Committee:   Prof. Wang Yi (UU, Sweden),  
Dr. Roland Weiss (ABB Research, Germany), 
Prof. Isabelle Puaut (Uni of Rennes, France),  
Prof. Jörgen Hansson (SEI/CMU USA, LiU, Sweden)

Prof. Paul Pettersson (MDH, Sweden)
 Defense 2008-10-03 14:00,  MDH, Room Beta
Documentation Comment
The final Version 2009-09-12
Thesis version 6 2009-08-31 - Changes in chapter 5, 6 , figures in chapter 8, the list of papers put on one place
Thesis Version 5 2008-08-28 - Improvements in outline and style
Thesis version 4 2008-08-14 - Improvements in outline and style
Thesis version 3 Updated: *Abstract, *Chapter 1 - Introduction, *Chapter 2 - Real-time, *Chapter 3 - CBSE, *Chapter 4 - Problem
Thesis version 2  The first complete version
Thesis version 1  The initial draft
Study Plan  

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