Mikael Åkerholm 

PhD ThesisReusability of Software Components in the Vehicular Domain     
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 Advisor: Prof. Ivica Crnkovic
 Advisor:   Dr. Kristian Sandström
Defense: Time: 2008-05-29, 13.00, Mälardalen University, Gamma room
Examiner: Dr. Lars Grunske
The committee Dr. Emilia Peciola, Prof. Franck Barbier, Dr. Tiberiu Seceleanu
Documentation Comment
PHD Thesis - Final The final version
PHD Thesis - Version 5 The complete version. Only some small changes (corrections) are planned. Comparing to version 4 some small improvements have been done in abstract, related work, future work and conclusion.
PHD Thesis - Version V4 The complete version. The abstract revised. Chapter 1 and 2  completed. Chapters 3-5 : related work, future work, conclusion introduced.
PHD Thesis - Version V3 Chapters 1 & 2 updated, research questions refined  -. 2008-04-19
PhD Thesis - Version V2 Chapter 1 introduced (draft), Chapter 2 updated, 2008-04-13
PhD Thesis  Version V1 First draft - not completed
Study Plan  

Licentiate Thesis

A Software Component Technology for Vehicle Control Systems
- Trade-Off Between Engineering Flexibility and Predictability

 Photos from the Seminar

 Advisor: Ivica Crnkovic
 Advisor:   Kristian Sandström
Defense: Time: 2005-02-18, 13.15-15.00; location: Zeta, MDH
Examiner: Prof. Mats Björkman
Opponent: Prof. Karl-Erk Årzén
Documentation Comment
Licentiate report Final version!
Licentiate report Rev 3, 2005-02-03, Language improvements etc.
Licentiate report Rev 2, 2005-01-19, new sub-sections and polish on Part I
Licentiate report Rev 1, 2005-01-03
Study Plan

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